Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 4

Apa Kabar Semua Orang!

Thank you all again for all the packages and letters. They really are great to get here, and it shows me how much support I have from all my family and friends! Thank you Leslie, for all the treats, and the kind notes from my cousins! Thank you Jennifer for the great rolls and treats you gave! The stationary with my name imprinted is also very nice, I use it in all my letters now! And thank you to everyone else for all you have done to make my MTC experience an awesome one.

Recently, my Mom, and my brother, Harrison, have had their birthdays! Best of wishes to both of you, and you have letters coming.

This week will be my halfway mark here at the MTC! It is going by fast now, and I am glad that I can start counting down the days until I fly to Indonesia! The things we are learning in the classroom have really begun to pick up pace, and we are starting to use the language more and more. We each have three fake investigators who we practice teaching each week. However, we treat the situation very seriously, and they speak nothing but Indonesian! So it was hard at first to express ourselves, but we have now became much better at teaching the lessons completely in Indonesian. Our teachers are fantastic. As a district, we are improving greatly with acting like missionaries, and the experiences we have had are because we have learned when to have fun, and when to focus. We have become very close with each other, and we are all great friends. I think I would have a much harder time at the MTC if the situation were different.

Since the weather has been getting cooler, we have gone outside for Gym as much as we can, before it gets too cold. We play sand volleyball, and we play other districts. We are probably the most competitive one, so it can get pretty intense! In our Branch, many of the districts have already left, since they were going somewhere stateside. Last Sunday, there were very few people, but this week and next we will get some fresh meat. One of the harder things to adjust to here is how much we sit down. In almost every event on our planners, besides gym, we are sitting down on uncomfortable chairs! I really can't wait until I get out to Indonesia, and start walking around!

This past Sunday was a lot of fun, since we were able to attend the Brigham City temple dedication. It was very cool to hear Elder Perry, Nelson, and Packer speak. It is incredible to be part of such a great movement that can help people come to the temple.

Luckily for my companion, my nighttime adventures have become less common as I become more comfortable here. However, I still do some pretty weird things at night. The other day, I woke up at 12:30, woke my companion up, and thought it was time to go. I started to get dressed, and he headed towards the shower. He came back, realizing that we had only been asleep for two hours, and we went back to bed. I then did it AGAIN at 2:30! I really felt bad once I realized it wasn't time to go! Hopefully I will continue to improve!

Well, I wish I had more time to write, as always, but I have to go! The MTC is great, and the Gospel is true. I can see it bless my life more and more as I gain more of an understanding of the Book of Mormon.

I wish you all the best!

-Elder James

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