Monday, January 27, 2014

Yogyakarta Week 23

Hello Again Everyone!

I still am enjoying serving in the wonderful city of Yogyakarta. This past week was fairly unique, with some cool experiences, as well as some stressful ones. But my companion and I have really been working hard, and even though challenges come, we always get through them. I am really going to miss Elder Sadiyono when I move. He is a great Missionary, and one of the most humble people I have ever known. Here are a few of the interesting experiences that we had this past week.

My companion and I have been looking for buffets, and last Monday, we found one. It was at a hotel, and the food was really good. I thought I would be able to eat a ton, but I was not! It has been such a long time since I have been to a buffet, and I used to be able to eat a lot more! Nevertheless, my companion and I ate until we were both sick to the stomach. We got a lot of chores done that day, and rested as well.

From the many people that we are teaching, there has been a lot of progress. The investigator we have with a baptismal date did not come to church last week, which was too bad since we have to wait a bit now, but I still believe his baptism will occur in the next few weeks. It all depends on his progress and if he feels ready. I know he will be, and we have been praying a ton for him. 

We also teach a few members, and one of my favorites to visit is Fajar, a young man. He is so smart, and his mother, Sister Siska is very kind to us. 

On Thursday night, after finishing all of our appointments and plans, we traveled to Magelang for companionship exchanges. That night, we were able to play basketball with some young men that invited the elders there to play. It was a lot of fun, and they were surprisingly good. But Elder Waltman came down on his foot funny, and injured it pretty bad. We got him home, and iced his foot. 

Elder Waltman the morning after his injury.
The next day, I was on exchanges with him, while my companion and Elder Hasibuan went out and worked. He could not walk, and I had to help him with everything. We made it to the church for District Meeting, and it went well.

Being stuck at the church, we ordered KFC, and got the Family History Computer out. We looked at all the great work that had been done in our families and all the cool ancestors we had. We both found lines that went all the way back to Adam and Eve! It was really cool, and we were able to talk a lot. I hope he has a quick recovery, since he needs to travel a lot these upcoming weeks.

Elder Waltman and I riding a Becak back to the house.
When we got back to Jogja, we went to the church, and the Sisters were there. While we were talking to them, we felt an earthquake! It only lasted a few seconds, but it was pretty powerful! No damage was done in Jogja, but the city close to the earthquake had some damage done. It was incredible to feel the power of an entire island shaking. Although it was cool to feel, I hope we don't get a more serious one later on!

Well, there are a few highlights of the week. I hope you all stay safe, and enjoy this upcoming week!

-Elder James

The church here has jackets for the deacons to wear when they 
pass the sacrament, and we tried them on the other day. 
It felt strange to wear a jacket, since we never have to here.
Us with Sister Yuliana
Sister Siska caught a big lizard at her house. 
She was brave, since that kind of Lizard bites!