Monday, January 13, 2014

Yogyakarta Week 21

Elder Sadiyono was so tired on the train and totally fell fast asleep!
Hello Everyone,

First off, I am really sorry that this will be short. President gave me permission to work on college applications and such, and I wanted to get it all done today. But I should not have to do a lot more after today, so the next emails will be better. But this week was pretty interesting, so I am sad I cannot tell you all more about it. I am so grateful that I have been in this city for so long. It has been my favorite by far, and I really feel like I have made a difference here. That is what brings great joy to us Missionaries. Here are a few cool things that happened.

We were able to teach a decent amount this week, and we have two investigators with baptismal dates in February. I really hope they will all make it, and keep doing what we ask them. I know that once they are baptized, they will receive a much greater testimony. One of these two investigators is the one that just came to church a few weeks ago, and the other is the son of a member, who is about 15, and is learning with us. He has a strong desire to learn, but could not get permission before from his father to be baptized. We kept praying and working with him, and just a few days ago, his father gave permission for him to learn and be baptized! It was a very real answer to many prayers.

The sisters on the train, coming back from Solo. 
On Friday and Saturday, we were in Solo for Zone Conference with President Donald. On Friday, we had interviews with him, which went great, and then we played futsal together. There were a lot of Missionaries playing, and we all had a really good time. I was so active that I did not have time to take pictures! We all slept in the Solo Elders' houses, and it was fun to get to know some of the new Elders.

Another great picture of my companion asleep...
{I'm sure he loves Elder James for taking these!}
The next day, we had the Zone Conference early in the morning. The various leaders gave many lessons, and we made many new goals for this new year. I really think that by these new goals, we will be able to have a lot of success in 2014. After the meeting, we watched a movie about the pioneers (I forget the name of the film) and their struggles. It was a great movie, and very spiritual. It showed perfectly how much the pioneers gave for God and his restored church. We all said goodbye to each other, and then left to our various cities.

I am sorry once again that this is so short. But I had a really great week, which gave me the desire to become even better and follow these goals. I am so happy to serve in this city, and help others receive the Gospel. Everyone is so nice to us, and I am building my own life in incredible ways. I love you all!

-Elder James

Elder Sadiyono riding his bike - I can't believe he can wear that sweater in the heat!
This restaurant was amazing! They serve pork,
which is really rare in Indonesia and it was so tasty!
The fried pork was Elder Sadiyono's favorite dish
The best fried rice I've ever had!!

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