Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Elder James is finally in Indonesia!

I am sending this email from the mission home, and it is just a quick message letting you know that I have made it here safe!

I cannot even describe with words what it is like here. We went right out once we got here and walked around. It is INSANE!!!! If you thought Rome was bad with all the motorcycles, you would wet your pants here. I thought we were going to die multiple times. Also, since there were nine guys, including the APs, all with white shirts, we stood out a ton! Everyone was staring at us, taking pictures, and laughing. They are all very nice though! Especially when they realize that you are nice too. But holy cow... our P-day is on Monday, so I will tell you much more then.

The Mission President and his Wife are great. She made us some amazing Indonesian food, and had us try some crazy fruit. So good! And I just finished my interview with President, and he was very nice. He was worried about the storm, but I told him you were all okay. 

Well, I can only write a small message, but I miss you guys a ton, and I can't wait to send you pictures of all the crazy things that happen here!

-Elder James

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