Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Note from President Groberg

Greetings from Indonesia!

We are thrilled to welcome Elder James to the Indonesia Jakarta Mission.

We enjoyed a welcome dinner and getting acquainted.These nine new Elders are a great group. They went to immigration to obtain a KITAS (a card that gives approval to reside temporarily in Indonesia) and did some training at the mission office. Now they are all in their first assignments. Elder James is serving in Semarang, on the north coast of Central Java.  His companion, Elder S. Martoyo will be a wonderful trainer.

Indonesia is a challenging mission and can be quite an adjustment at the first but we know that Elder James is eager and will rise to the challenge. We love these missionaries and will do all we can to keep them safe, healthy and happy in their service to the Lord here.

Missionaries are encouraged to write their families every week. On preparation day (Monday) they have one hour to email the mission president and their parents (or designated parents). Other family and friends can send letters by post. All mail can be sent to the mission office and will be distributed.

We encourage families to write each week too. Letters are such a lift and a wonderful source of encouragement for the missionaries.

Elder James is already using the language studied in the MTC. He will be a blessing to the mission. Thank you for preparing and sharing a faithful son.


President and Sister Groberg

The new group: (L-R) Rogers, B. Johnson, Costner, Giolas, Waltman, James, 
Miner, Collett, M. Johnson

Enjoying first Indonesian lunch


  1. Ellen, not sure you will remember me but I am Raquel Bell's mother. I love reading your blog about your missionary. Both my daughters served missions and it was the greatest blessing in our life's. I love missionaries and hearing their stories. Thanks for making this public. Good luck and God Bless you for getting him in the field. It takes good parents and commitment to make good missionaries.
    Thank you for being so kind to my kids. Colette Kremin

  2. This brings back a so many awesome memories of my mission, i Remember the first day when Pres Juswin picked us up and drove as back to Senopati. So are the elders allowed to serve with white companions again? When i served there were 8 white elders in the whole mission.
    Don't waste anytime in Indonesia because you only get this chance ONCE.