Monday, March 11, 2013

Solo Week 11

Hello again everyone!
The gorgeous view from our P Day trip today up the mountain.
I am really sorry, but because we have been so busy lately, I am going to have to make this short. I was able to upload many pictures this week, but now my time is up! Thank you all for the many birthday wishes. This was for sure the most unique birthday I have ever had, and I will remember it forever! On the day of my birthday, we finished moving to our new house, so there was really no time to celebrate. But I have a dinner planned tomorrow, and I will update you all on how that goes next week! Here are a few cool things that happened:

On Monday, we all moved into the other Elders' house temporarily, but we stayed there until Saturday! All eight of us were a bit crammed, but we had a really good time. It was pretty hard to bike all the way to our area, and then return to their apartment every night. The bathrooms, laundry, and food situations were quite hectic, but we figured it out. I am glad this is all finished now! 

My Birthday gift was a yummy Snickers from President and Sister Groberg!
Saturday finally came, which happened to be my birthday, and the owner of our new house was ready. So we got help from the Mission couples, and headed over to the new house! We spent the entire day cleaning the house, and unpacking our things. Hauling all the furniture around was tiring, but the Mission couple provided food and drinks while we worked. I am so grateful for them! We are not even finished completely, but we got a ton done. Once the house is fully ready, I will take a few pictures. It is kind of cool to be the first Missionaries in a house! This was the reason I did not have time to celebrate. But everyone remembered, and wished me a happy birthday. It was one I will not forget! 
We had a great time up in the mountains with views of Solo.
Just recently, we returned from our Bishop's Vila. 

He took us up to the mountains in his 4X4 truck, which was quite the ride. We all were crammed inside, and it was very bumpy. 

Once we arrived there, the scenery was beautiful. I was able to see the entire city, and more. 

We threw a football around, played games, and looked at horrible poisonous spiders! There were honestly tons of them. If you stopped and looked around the forest, webs were everywhere! It was a fun trip, and I am glad we were all able to go!

The Bishop's Vila up in the mountain above Solo.
Once again, I am sorry this is so short. Since we came back to the city a little late, we do not have as much time as normal. But, this past week was pretty boring anyway! Thank you all for everything you do to support my family and me. I love you all, and wish you the best of luck! 

-Elder James

A self-portrait while I was biking.

This is Elder Wagstaff with the chicken head we got him, as a prank, for dinner.

This was a nice member family we ate with this week.

Brother Masias is a great member.

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