Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bekasi Week 1

Hello Everyone,

I am still doing great here in Indonesia, and I continue to learn lots about the culture, people, language, and most importantly, the gospel. I am now at the point where I can have a good, complete conversation, and it has really helped me with the work. I hope that all of you are also doing well, and that you continue to help the Missionaries in your own wards. Members are the most important resource for Missionaries, and without their work, we would not have as much work to do.

Bishop Jatmiko's family and the Greenways
all came to see Elder Lee and I off, which was so nice of them!
I am now in my new city! After four and a half months in Solo, the time came for me to move. I moved on Wednesday, after shopping and preparing my things. I have bought and received so many things in Solo, so it was really hard for me to pack all my things. Luckily, here in Indonesia, they do not care about how many carry-on items one has, so you can literally take a ton on the plane. I checked my suitcase, and took a backpack, side bag, duffel bag, and two plastic bags full of things on the plane. It was ridiculous! The Greenways and Bishop's family took us all to the airport, and said goodbye. I will miss all of them so much! Then Elder Lee and I travelled to Jakarta!

My new companion in Bekasi is Elder Mulyono
We first went to Senopati, where the Mission home is, and I transferred some things from my bag I left. I got a bunch of deoderant from America, which was really nice! Then Elder Mongan and I took a taxi to Bekasi, which is not very far away from Jakarta. Bekasi is like a different country in comparison to Solo and Semarang. We do not use bikes, and it is ridiculously crowded. I really do miss Solo, but I am excited to have new experiences here, and learn lots. My new companion is Elder Mulyono, who is from Solo. He is a great Missionary, and really works hard. I have been exhausted every night so far, which is a great sign of how hard you are working. He has been out for a very long time, and I might be his last companion.

We had a fun experience teaching English at a school. We taught for a really long time, and there were two different classes. One was just boys, and they were really rowdy. But then Elder Johnson suggested a game, and we split them up into two groups. I offered the winning team some gum from America. They all became super quiet, and they worked super hard in the English game. It was pretty funny how desperately they tried to get one stick of gum each. 

Me and Elder S. Martoyo, my trainer in Semarang
Stake conference for West Java was this week as well, and all Missionaries went. We left on Saturday, went to the session that night, and stayed over at the Mission home in Jakarta. I saw many other Missionaries and members again which was great. 

MTC District reunion - Elder Walton, Elder Rogers and Elder Johnson
I saw Elder S. Martoyo who was my trainer, and I also saw a few Missionaries from my MTC group. Staying together at the Mission home was a blast, and it was great to talk about our different experiences so far. 

I saw the Sugiyanto family as well, which was awesome. It was strange when I remembered that they had just met with my family. It was a good conference, and I was glad that we could go to it. 

Well, I am out of time, and I apologize that this one was a little shorter than usual. I am having a good time here with the other Missionaries in Bekasi, Elder B. Johnson, Elder Mongan, and Elder Mulyono. We are working hard here, and I am having some different, but great experiences. Thank you all once again for all your thoughts and prayers.

Sampai minggu depan! Semoga anda terus untuk beriman dan maju di dalam Yesus Kristus dan Kurban Tebusan dia. 

-Elder James

Mas Parno, our investigator in Solo that has a baptism date!

Mas Parno's Family

Saying goodbye to Agus

Bishop Jatmiko and his family took us out to
eat at a really cool restaurant for my last meal.

I will really miss the famous Pak John and his food! 

I loved my Solo companion, Elder Martoyo.
I was with him for such a long time and he taught me so much!

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