Monday, June 3, 2013

Bekasi Week 3

Good Morning Everyone!

I am already on my third week here in Bekasi! It has actually gone by somewhat fast! I am getting used to this city, even though it is so much different from what I was used to in my past areas. What is cool, is that I am learning so much more about the language, culture, and people because of this move. Since I got used to my past area, I was not learning as much. But now that I am around different people who use different words and such, I am progressing a lot. My companion is great, and we have been working really hard lately! I am almost out of time, so this email may be a little shorter than usual, but I will write the important things from this week.

Even though I am still new here, I have had the chance to get to know many members. They have been so nice to me, and when I am at church, so many invite us to eat at their house. We have had to schedule it so that we can go to as many as possible, even though we still cannot do them all. One that was notable was with the Kusno family. We watched a video on families, and then talked about it. They gave us a really good meal which included homemade donuts for dessert. They were very close to each other, and it was a great example of how the gospel blesses families. 

Here is an awesome picture of some kids talking to us after their school,
while we were on our way to some members

Also, we have a ton of English teaching activities here. Three times a week we have scheduled ones, and then sometimes we are invited to speak at some schools. They are all pretty fun, and the students have a fun time. 

At one recent school we were at, Elder Johnson and I taught them how to play 'Heads up Seven up" after the lesson. They loved it so much! They were getting super intense, and it brought back some great memories from my school years. 

We have been pretty busy lately, even though we do not have a ton of success as far as numbers go. But we are working hard in this city, and I sure hope we see some success as we continue to work. I am once again so sorry that this is short, but we have to catch a train to Jakarta this morning! I love and miss you all! Talk to you all next week!

-Elder James

Here are some pictures from the roof of the church.
It is three stories, so there is a pretty cool view. 

Here is all of us on our way to English class. 

A close up of Elder Mulyono who jumped into a photo I was trying to take.

A favorite Nasi Goreng place we like to eat at.

This is Serabi Gaul, a traditional food. I tried it a few days ago, and it was pretty good.
It is like a pancake, but with coconut, and other added toppings.

Here is Elder Mulyono trying a cow's lung. I also tried it, and it was so nasty!
I honestly almost threw up.

This is our English class that we usually have on Thursdays.

Here is one picture of those bike-powered rides that you saw on the Amazing race.
There are lots here in Jakarta!

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