Monday, August 26, 2013

Yogyakarta Week 1

{Elder James sent us a quick email last week and told us the exciting news that he was being transferred to Yogyakarta / Jogjakarta / Jokja (many different ways to say and spell the city's name). When telling us about the change, he said, "I am so happy to go back to Jawa Tengah. I think it is much more 'cocok' for me!" Not entirely sure what that means, but he seems happy for the change, although he will really miss the people of Bekasi. He will be a District Leader there and I think there are only 2 Elders and 2 Sisters. Yogykarta looks like a very beautiful place and it is the closest city to that amazing place he visited, Borobudur, when he was in Solo.}

Hello from Jogja everyone!

I am really sorry that this will be so short. We arrived at our house just an hour ago, since we did not know where it was. The Mission couple took us there and gave us the keys and the phone. My companion and I are 'whitewashed' here, which means we are both completely new. So we do not know anything about the area other than what the previous Missionaries wrote down. We have a lot of work to do! I will try to send a few pictures of my last moments in Bekasi, but this computer is really slow!

I really had a great last week in Bekasi with all the members and other people. On Sunday, I was privileged to baptize the daughter of Sister Hesti, Hilasia. She turned eight, and after learning a bit, she was ready to be baptized. Her elder siblings were baptized by other Missionaries, so she wanted me to baptize her. It really was an amazing experience, and my first baptism I have performed.

I wish I could write some of the other things that happened this past week, but that was by far the most important one. I will have more time next week, and I can write much more. Thank you all for everything!

-Elder James
This is Bakso, which I did not used to like, but now I love it! 
This is from a really good place in Bekasi. 

This is a lady hand making a shirt that looked really difficult!

A member's mother watching 'The Five' on Fox. It was pretty funny to see!

Elder Martoyo with a cute puppy.

Elder Martoyo and I at the church service project on Saturday.

Us eating 'Bebek Setan' (Satan Duck) Which is the most spicy thing
I have ever eaten. It was my last meal I bought in Bekasi.

Us with Jordan Greenwell and the Tandiman family. 

A cool picture of the city.

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