Monday, August 4, 2014

Bandung Week 22

Hello for the last time in Indonesia!

Isn't it hard to believe that two years have already flown by so fast? It really has not struck me yet that I will be going back home in just a few days. I have said many goodbyes, and had many 'lasts', but it still just has not hit me. But what has been good is that I have worked very hard this last full week with my companion, and we have seen many miracles together. The branch here in Bandung has grown through our efforts, and it is great to see. Here are a few things that happened this last full week.

For our P-day activity last week, we were invited to a member's home, since it was a National holiday. They made us some traditional food, and we had a great time visiting with them. 

Nial, a young member, showed us all his pet lizards that he has caught. They would bite things, and not let go, including our pants. It was fun to see. The members here are great.

Despite the holiday season, we had free time on Tuesday, and went to Sukabumi to visit Thomas and his family. We left early, knowing there would be traffic, but we did not expect it to be that bad. Boy, were we wrong! Where it usually takes 3-4 hours to get there on a good day, it took 7! The road is not in a good condition, and many people were travelling. It was insane! But I did a lot of reading on the way. We ate quickly when we arrived, taught a quick lesson, and then had to go, afraid the traffic would be bad on the way back. It was. To get home took us around 7 and a half hours. We got home late, tired, but glad that we had a great lesson.

Sister Agnes and her family 
The next few days were really busy with many appointments. I tried my best to visit as many members and investigators as possible, knowing it may be my last time going to their homes. I taught the best I could, and gave my simple testimony to each of them, which I really hope helped. All of them expressed thanks for my service as a Missionary, which is the best thing to hear.

We got a few referrals from the Church Headquarters in Jakarta, and although two of them were unable to get in contact with, we met with one who is amazing. He is a college student here, and was very happy to have us teach him. He is very humble, and has been diligently searching for truth. He is progressing with the lessons, and has already become friends with many of the members. I hope he will continue to learn and grow!

Us with the bride and groom -
One is a member of the Jogja and the other is a member from here in Bandung.
Saturday was also really busy, mostly because of the marriage of Sister Yanti Risakota, a member here. She asked us to come early, and help out which we did. We were the greeters, wearing traditional Sundanese clothing and helping with the front entry. It was a lot of fun, and I met many members from around Indonesia that came. Ninoy Kusumarmanto, my former companion in Jojga came, and it was great to see him. He was just barely released and went home a few days ago. The food was also amazing, obviously, and we had a great time overall. That night we were also able to visit many people.

The Santoso family always help the missionaries so much!
Sunday was a bittersweet day, since it was the last time I went to church in Bandung as a Missionary. But what was amazing is the amount of investigators that came. Eight in total, being the most I have ever seen come to church. They included Thomas and his entire family, who came for my farewell, and also Jerry, who is in a pretty bad condition with his health, but still came. The others were new investigators, and we taught them all at the same time. I gave my last testimony and farewell during Sacrament Meeting, and took pictures with almost all the members afterwards. They were very kind to me, and told me how much they appreciated my work here.

We had dinner with Brother Han-King and Brother Budi's family
Well, being my last email from Indonesia, I want to express my gratitude to this church and the amazing members here. I have learned so much during these two years, and made friendships that will last forever. I will never forget all of the great things that I have seen, and all of the miracles that have happened. I hope that everyone reading this will continue to develop greater faith in Jesus Christ and become more like him every day. I know that he is the only source to our true happiness and salvation.

Thank you for all your support! I love you all!

The Jatmiko family gave me this great Batik shirt
Elder Peterson cutting my hair - It was scary!
{Side note from mom - I specifically asked Elder James NOT to cut his hair before
coming home so we could get him a good cut before our family pictures!} 
I was able to interview Pak Agus for his baptism - he is a great guy! 
Eating Bakso on the side of the road by the church -
we usually eat at places like this every day

Elder Loudon getting dressed in traditional Sundanese clothing
for Sister Yanti Risakota's wedding.
We were asked to help by being greeters for the ceremony.

Elder Panjaitan and I wearing our traditional clothes


  1. I am so happy he is coming home but I really will miss Monday emails from Elder James. What a great example of Christ like service and love and commitment. I'm very proud to call him my nephew!

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