Monday, January 28, 2013

Solo Week 5

Greetings from Solo everyone!

Teaching English to a University class.
Unfortunately, this is the second time I am writing this email. The last one was all finished, and for some reason, it was erased. It didn't even save on the email! So I am pretty bummed, and I don't have a ton of time left, so I will try and make this quick. But things have really started to fly here in Solo. This Mission is becoming more and more fun, and I am learning so much! It has been a little strange here in Solo, because so many people speak Javanese! They also expect me to understand the whole language, and it is pretty funny when they get disappointed that I don't know it. Since I am a little low on time, here are a few notable things that happened this week.

The Indonesian way to get a bike tire fixed (very slow).
After we emailed on Monday, we taught at a University as Native speakers. It was a cool experience, but as we went home, my tire broke twice, after fixing it. So I had to replace it the next day!

Elder Lee was so tired from traveling! 
On Wednesday, the new Elder came to Solo, Elder Lee. He is from California, and is really cool. We will get along great. He is part Indonesian, so many people do not think he is American until they here his accent. It is pretty cool. This brought things back to normal, since it ended the three-Elder companionship. I am very excited to get to know him better. That night was also a BYU Hawaii devotional for all Indonesian youth that may want to attend in the future (including Missionaries). It was a cool presentation, and it made me very excited to start school again after my Mission. Many Missionaries from our Zone attended, and some stayed over at our house. This is always fun, when a house is packed with Elders eating, and telling stories from their Missions.

Throughout the week, we had many great teaching appointments and lessons. I have really seen the difference the gospel makes in other's lives, and it is such a blessing to see. We are having a descent amount of success, but it does become difficult sometimes. The key is just to keep working, and include the members as much as possible. My studies have also been very productive, and I am learning more than ever! 

My new 6$ soccer outfit-I have no idea what team I'm supporting.

On Saturday, we all played footsol, which is always very fun. I bought a new outfit for footsol, which was only 6$! We had a fun time, and I am getting much better. The Indonesians grow up playing soccer, so they always kill me, but I am starting to love soccer, even though I did not really like it before. 

Trying to be tough.
Sunday was also very good, because all the members were able to meet Elder Lee. They are always so welcoming when a new Elder comes, and it sure helps in knowing the area. When I leave Solo, I will be very sad. I hope I can have the chance to know the members better and better.

Today we were able to go to the house of the Mission couple, the Greenways, and learn Family History. The Knorpps made the presentation, and then they gave us the chance to log on to our LDS accounts, and see our family trees. When I saw mine, there was a huge amount that was already filled out! I am so grateful for all my family members who have done so much work in Family History. It is such an important aspect in this church, and I will definitely be more active in it when I am back home. Sister Greenway made us Lunch, and we all socialized at their apartment. It was a lot of fun.

This is the boy that we are getting ready for baptism-he reminds me of Nathan!
Well, I feel really bad that my last letter was lost. There was a problem with the email program. But I will email a longer one next week, and update all of you in much greater detail. I hope you all have a good week!

-Elder James

P.S. Check out the current picture on of two missionaries from Indonesia teaching the gospel-it is the picture with the title, "Why should I serve?"

The hallway of our church.

The church parking lot. 

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