Sunday, September 22, 2013

Yogyakarta Week 5

Hello Everyone,

First off, I am so sorry that I did not get my last main email off. The computer was really poor, and it kept crashing. But now, I am at a better internet cafe, and the computer is really fast. I had a really good time here this past week, and I am so happy to be serving in Jogja. I hope I will be able to explain in detail all the great things that happened, but it is always pretty hard! Here are a few things that happened.

First, I would like to wish my mother a very happy Birthday. She is such an amazing mother, and I know I would not be on this Mission if it were not for her. I am so happy to be her son, and I am so proud of all that she does to serve others. She is an example to me of kindness and hard work. I love you Mom!

Sisters Manalu and Baantjer left on Wednesday, and the two new Sisters, Allred and Believe came the same day. They are both really nice, and I think they will really help the work here progress. 

One cool place that we Missionaries often go to is a place called Raminten. It is a really cool restaurant that serves traditional food, and great drinks. We go there sometimes, because it really is not expensive for the quality of the food. One of the cool things is how big the drinks are. You can order Jumbo size, and it is so big! The food is also really cool, and we love it there!

This is a restaurant called Raminten. It is really cool! 
There are huge traditional drinks.
I have gotten much closer to the members here, and they have helped us so much with many different things. I am still pretty bad with names, but eventually I will get all of them down. We have been pretty busy lately, so we have not had time to visit very many members at their homes, but hopefully we will get to do that soon.

Our District has really been doing well as far as lessons and baptisms go. Just this Sunday, an investigator of six years was baptized. I had the chance to conduct the interview for her on Saturday, and although I was nervous since it was my first time, it was amazing. I felt the spirit so strong, and I knew exactly what to say. She had many questions, but all of them were resolved. She will be a great, strong member here.

As far as my companionship, we are trying hard to find new investigators. We have had some good success in that manner, since we get referrals and contacts often. Hopefully many of them will have a true desire to learn and want to be baptized. We will work as hard as we can!

One funny thing that happened was on Sunday night. We did not have very much food at the house, and then I had a really dumb idea. I saw a very small lizard at the house, and I caught it. I always wanted to cook one and eat it, so I decided to try. I first boiled it, and then fried it. With a few Indonesian spices to help the flavor, I ate it whole. It honestly almost made me throw up, but it made a good story. My companion thought it was pretty dumb, and I have to agree with him.

Well, there are a few cool things that happened. Today, we are going to the local Zoo here in Jogja, and it should be really fun. I hope you all have a good week, and feel the incredible love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for us. Thank you for the support!

-Elder James

This is an Italian place that is here in Yogyakarta! It is so rare here, but this is owned by an Italian guy! It was really good. A little expensive, but I was not the one who paid. :)

Real Italian Pizza!!

Elder Kusumarmanto's family visited Jogja, and they got to meet their son! 
It pays off to have your Dad as the Mission President's first counselor! 

A member's grandchild who was really cute.

Our District's formal picture before the two sisters left. 

Our realistic District photo!

My favorite fried rice here. It has lots of seafood in it. 

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