Monday, October 7, 2013

Yogyakarta Week 7

Hello again Everyone!

I am so tired after this past week from travelling so much! I have had the chance to meet with many people, and do some fun things. Time is going by so fast, and I am just so glad to be out on a Mission. This week has also been a very spiritual one, with some experiences I have had. I hope I will be able to relate some of the events to you all.

Last Monday, for our P-day activity, we went to the church and made crepes together. It was Sister Sheffield's idea, and we were all so glad she had it! She really knows how to cook!

We had many toppings, both dessert and savory. We put some church videos on while we ate and ate. It was a ton of fun, and I am so glad to have Sisters in our District!

This is what the chapel looks like in Magelang. 
It is in a tiny building, because it is still just a branch. 
There are only about 14 people that come to church there each week. 
I was there this past week to do a baptismal interview.
I was able to go to Magelang this week, because the Elders there had an investigator that needed to be interviewed. It was cool to see the city. It was very small, and much colder than the other cities I have been to. The interview went great, and I just realized that that was the third I have done this past month. I am glad the work is going well! After the interview, we ate, and the Elders followed us back to Jogja.

Zone Conference was also this week, and it was held in Solo. We went there Friday by train, and stayed until Saturday afternoon. It was so cool to see Solo again, and it brought back many great memories. We all had interviews with the Mission President, and it was a great experience. 

View from the roof of the Solo house
Since one of the houses in Solo is very small, we had to have eight extra elders in the other house, which made that 12 Elders in one house. We all crammed in the rooms that had AC, which was worth it, because I have not slept in AC for a month and a half.

The Conference went really well, and we had many lessons from the various leaders that attended. Both the Zone Leaders and Assistants gave great lessons on how to be better organized with paperwork and such, and then it was time for President to speak. He gave one of the most spiritual talks I have ever heard on my Mission. Everyone was very emotional. He gave us confidence in meeting the goal for baptisms this year, and it was great. We all had time to bear our testimonies, and everyone gave great ones. I was so glad to be there!

I know that is not much, but that is really all we did this past week. It was fun to see all the different Missionaries that I have not seen in a while, and I really was spiritually refreshed. I know I am here for the right reason, and I know that God will help me if I am obedient to him. I love him so much, and I am glad to serve! I will email you all again soon!

-Elder James

A nice view from Klaten, a city next to Yogyakarta.

My companion and I teaching Sister Susanto. 
The little girl is her granddaughter. She is really funny.

Sister Believe's birthday party at Raminten. 
The Barnards got her a cake, and we had a good celebration.

Sisters on the train

The Big mountain on the right is Mt. Merapi. The Volcano close to Jogja. 
On a clear day, you can see it.

Dinner at Wendys!

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