Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yogyakarta Week 10

Selamat pagi dari Jogja!

This week has sure been an eventful one, and I have been able to see and do a lot of cool things. I cannot believe that in a few days, I will have already been in this country for a year. The time really has gone fast now that I think about it, and I cannot imagine how fast these next months will go by. I am so happy to be serving here, and I am especially happy that the work has been picking up lately. Here are some interesting things from this past week.

At Brother Kanon's house with the sisters; he is Elder Kusumarmanto's uncle.
After about two months in Jogja, Elder Kusumarmanto moved to Jakarta. The move was on Tuesday, and I actually followed him to Jakarta. We had a really nice trip, and it was great to be in the Mission home for a few days. The home now has hot water, and a real shower, so I took my first real hot shower in over a year. I can’t describe how great it felt. I did not want to get out of the shower. It was especially nice to be in a house full of ACs and comfortable beds. It was amazing!

Myself, Elder B. Johnson and Elder M. Johnson reunite to renew our Kitas.
One of the reasons I was in Jakarta was to renew my country identification called a Kitas. The rest of my group had already done it earlier, with the exception of me, Elder M. Johnson and Elder B. Johnson. So we went to the immigration office, got it done, and then had a lot of free time that day. We explored the downtown area of Jakarta, ate Wendy's, and saw some really cool things. It was so fun to be with them and see how they were doing. It was the first time I have seen Elder M. Johnson since the MTC, and I was really glad I got the chance.

The other reason I was in Jakarta was to pick up my new companion and do training with the Mission President to prepare to train a new Missionary. It seems like just yesterday when I was getting trained, and now, I am training a new Missionary! My companion is Elder Sadiyono, and he is great. He is from Tangerang, a city near Jakarta, and is so happy to be out here. I am so impressed with his faith and how he invites the Holy Ghost. We have already done a lot together, and I know we will have great success in this city.

One funny thing happened yesterday, when we were at the house after all our Sunday activities. I was in the bedroom relaxing and studying, and I was not really paying attention to my companion, even though I could see him. When I came into the main area, it was completely spotless. He had cleaned the entire house, and it was the cleanest I have ever seen this house be. I was amazed! He was also cooking dinner for us both. I am so lucky to have him!

We have also been having a lot of fun as a District, and the Sisters add a great vibe to the area. The other day we were coming back from a family home evening with many of the members, and we decided to stop for some ice cream. I saw one of my former companions there, which was funny. McDonald's is a common spot for Missionaries to hang out and eat. We do not go there too often, though, since it is so expensive compared to what we usually eat.

Well, that’s about all the cool things that I have done this week. I am so happy to be training, especially with such an amazing companion. One thing I learned this week was the principle that obedience brings blessings. I have repeatedly studied this principle throughout my Mission, and each time I do, I realize how true it is. We were discussing it in Priesthood on Sunday, and I remember feeling so peaceful while thinking that if I am obedient, God will surely bless and help me. The blessings may not come right away, but they always come. I am so grateful to learn these types of things every day. I hope all is well with you all, and I will update you again next week!

-Elder James

The Executive Lounge at the airport had lots of free food!

The Jogja Airport

Ready to board the plane in Jogja

We could see Merapi, the volcano near Jogja--sorry it's so blurry!

I found some amazing cars while we walked around the mission home's neighborhood!

Lamborghini Aventador

Ferrari 599 GTO
We ate at Wendy's inside this amazing mall with a slide in it (which was closed).

We went to this amazing supermarket in Jakarata called Grand Lucky.
Sadly, they didn't have Mt. Dew, but they did have Pop Tarts!
They were expensive, so we just bought one and shared them.

All three of us tried on all the clothes that we had bought and
left at the mission home to take home.
We looked pretty good (obviously I looked the best)!

More clothes and me with my dart gun!
{How in the world does he think he's getting that home?!?}

Our district, at a red light.

I switched out the small fan for a larger one and hope it helps cool me down!

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