Monday, November 4, 2013

Yogyakarta Week 11

Hello Everyone!

Not much happened this week, so this will be a little short. But I have really learned a lot this week from some various activities and experiences. I am learning a lot being a trainer, and my companion and I have been working really hard. I hope I set a good example for him, so that he can improve and become great. I sure am learning a lot from him. He is so happy to be out here, and he has such a great enthusiasm for the work.

This last P-day was not bad, since we spent a lot of time just relaxing and getting caught up on some things that we had to do. We did do a little shopping at Malioboro street, which is always fun. It started to rain pretty hard that day as well, which means the raining season is quickly coming! I am ready! Especially since the weather will cool down a lot more.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we were in Solo for a Zone Conference. Elder Gong, from the Quorum of the Seventy came, and spoke to all of us. He is the president for the Asia area, and it was great to hear from him. He had a great spirit about him, and it was a very spiritual experience. One thing he mentioned is the amount of people that we are in charge of in this particular Mission. There is only one Mission in all of Indonesia, and it is the 4th biggest country in the world in terms of population. He expressed how much potential this country had. I also was happy to see all the Missionaries from the Zone, and visit with them.

Wednesday night we got back to Jogja, and we decided to eat together before going home. We went to one of my favorite places, Raminten. Since we did not have our bikes, we took a bus, and it took so long to get there! But I was so happy to see that everyone contacted many people, and we found a few people that had a desire to learn. It was a cool thing.

As far as our Investigators go, we are teaching a few that are really great. They have testimonies, but it is hard for them to act. The biggest thing that is hard for them is coming to Church. It can be pretty disappointing when they do not come, because we know how much it will help them. I really hope the Holy Ghost will testify to them of the truthfulness of our message, so they will receive strength to act.

One great thing that happened was that we got Air Conditioning in our home! The Barnards left us theirs when they went home, so I just had to hire some people to move it, and then install it here. It was so nice to sleep without sweating. I cannot describe how happy I was! Our electric bill went up quite a bit, but it is a sacrifice that is well worth it!

That is pretty much it for this week! I hope you all have a great time wherever you are. I also hope you continue to keep in touch with me! I would love to hear from you all. Thank you for all the support and prayers. Talk to you next week!

-Elder James

Our district-sorry it's so blurry!

I ordered this at the restaurant. It was really good, but hard to describe.
It was a chicken and egg dish.

Sisters Manullang and Allred dressed up as each other for Halloween
and came to the church like this--it was so funny!

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