Sunday, November 24, 2013

News of a bike accident

{I got an email from Sister Sheffield's mom asking how Elder James was doing after his stitches. WHAT?? I asked Rick about it and he sheepishly told me that that he knew that he was in a bike accident, but that Elder James didn't want to worry me about it. That is very sweet, but with this day and age, with the technology we all have, it wasn't but a few days before I found out about it. News travels fast from the other side of the world.}

{I even noticed this cute picture on Sister Sheffield's blog. I wondered why we didn't ever get any pictures from Elder James of their visit to Borobudur with President Donald. That just isn't like him! I guess he was trying to hide the fact that his head was all bandaged up. I hope it heals quickly, and that we get the story of the accident this week.}

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