Monday, November 18, 2013

Yogyakarta Week 13

Hello Everyone,

First off, I am really sorry if this is a little short. We just came back from Borobudur with a Mission Couple and the Mission President and his wife. We have been fairly busy this week, and I have been so surprised at how fast time is starting to go. I guess I better enjoy it and make the last part of this Mission my best! I will not give a lot of details, but here are a few cool things that happened this past week.

This is our companion study; we watched videos and drank lots of Coke.
My companion is trying to gain weight, so I am trying to help him!
We did not do anything really fun for last P-day, since we all really needed to relax. My companion and I worked really hard to find new investigators, and we actually had a good amount of success. The people here in Jogja are so kind, and they really receive us well.

One cool thing we did on Friday was a trip to Semarang for a Zone Training Meeting. It was so cool to see my first city again, and it seemed just as beautiful as I remembered. It was also really nice to see all the different Missionaries from the area, and visit with them. 

It is pretty far from Jogja, and with traffic it took pretty long to get home. I cannot believe that one year ago, I was new in that city!

President and Sister Donald came from Saturday until Monday to see the city, and visit with our District. President went with us to some of our appointments, and he really enjoyed teaching with us. He was so impressed with my companion, Elder Sadiyono, who is already acting like a Missionary who has been out for a while. I totally agree! We took him to our favorite places to eat, and showed him a little bit of the city. He said it was one of his favorite cities that he has visited.

For P-day today, we were invited to go with the Lucherini couple and the Donalds to Borobudur and a few other places. They were so nice to let us go with them, since they dealt with all the travel and such. I enjoyed seeing Borobudur for the second time, and I really was happy that those who have not seen it yet were able to see it. We then went to a few places that made silver items, which is one of the things Jogja is famous for. We also went to a chocolate factory, and ate at McDonald's together. It was an absolutely great P-day!

I am once again sorry that this is so short. We have to go home, and then get back to work. I hope you all have a great week, and I would really like to hear from more of you! See you again!

-Elder James

A gate at the entrance of Kraton, the old Javanese kingdom.

Eating at Sister Siska's restaurant.

Elder Sadiyano eating his favorite brownie brand.
Like I say, he's trying to gain weight!

Tugu, one of the landmarks in Jogja.

We took President Donaldson to Raminten to eat.

Fried frogs were actually really good!

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