Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bandung Week 14

Hello from Bandung again!

Although this week was not nearly as busy as last week, but we still got a lot done, and worked very hard. What is funny is that this city was known for being one of the hardest in the Mission with the work. But honestly, this has probably been the most productive city on my Mission so far. It is interesting how important attitude is with the work; if you think a city will be difficult, it probably will be. But, if you are positive, and work hard, it will be a completely different experience. Here are a few notable events that happened this week.

After emailing last week, Elder Panjaitan and I went to Burger King; he had never been there before. We were both really full since we got the biggest burgers there. We also cleaned out the house, and rested for part of the day. That night, we went to Sister Agnes' home, and gave a message about enduring to the end. It was amazing to hear her testimony and all the trials she experienced when first joining the church. She is a great member.

Thomas has been really busy, so we were not able to go there this week. Because we didn’t have to go to Sukabumi, we had an extra day here in Bandung. We were able to visit a lot of investigators and members here in the city. We were able to contact some really good people, and because of that, we found some new investigators that we will be teaching regularly now. Elder Panjaitan is great at contacting, and very brave with others. It is great!

Elder Hendro got notice that he will be moving to Magelang this week. He really will miss this city, but he will also do a great job in Magelang. There are now a lot of Missionaries in this Mission, at least more than before, which means cities like Magelang are getting more Missionaries. It is really cool to see the work progress in this country. Before we know it, there will be a temple here!

My two 'kids' sitting together - aren't they cute?
On Friday, we went to Jakarta for Zone Training Meeting, a monthly meeting for all Missionaries in the Zone. It was really fun, as always, to see all the Missionaries from the different cities in West Java. We learned a lot, and made some new goals for the work. Everyone was very enthusiastic for these new goals, and we will all work our best. We all ate at KFC together, which seemed pretty stressful for the workers, having 30+ hungry Missionaries taking over the place. We had a lot of fun.

Lauren has been really sick lately, so he was not able to come to church. His baptism has been pushed back a week because of this, but that is no problem. What is important is that he is ready. He has been so dedicated to the church, even though he is not even a member yet. I am so happy to have the chance to see his progression and the changes he has made.

As always, thank you all so much for the support and love that I constantly feel. I really would not do as well here if it were not for that support! I hope you all have a great upcoming week!

-Elder James

Pak Hendri took us to a very cool restaurant overlooking the city.
The entire english class went as well.
Elder Panjaitan and I at the cool restaurant with the great view

At a nearby soccer stadium
The Jatmiko family sent me a nice package with this great tie!
Elder Panjaitan with the former Elder Craig, who is a returned missionary.
He served in Medan when Elder Panjaitan was younger 
and they were very happy to see each other. 
Andrea is the branch president's daughter & is a very cute little girl!
Elder Panjaitan with the delicious fried rice he cooked.
He is a great companion!

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