Monday, June 23, 2014

Bandung Week 16

Hello Again!

Just like last week, this one was quite busy, but we did a lot of great things, and had a good time. Elder Panjaitan and I have really got to know this area and this Branch. We are working very effectively, and seeing miracles in other people's lives. I really need to do my best considering how fast the time is flying by! Let me tell you all about some highlights of the week.

The Jatmiko family from Solo came to Bandung for vacation, and they invited us to eat dinner with them and Brother Unang, a member here. We went to a Dutch restaurant, but it had Indonesian food as well. It was great to eat there, because we rarely eat at places like that. It was also nice to get to know Brother Unang better, and talk about his younger Brother, who is serving a Mission here as well. It was a fun appointment.

The Jatmikos invited us to join them on Tuesday to Trans Studio, an indoor amusement park here. I had to ask permission from President Donald the week before, and I was doubtful that it would be allowed. I had to ask to change our P-day to Tuesday, and to go to this amusement park. We were so thrilled that he actually gave us permission; he trusted us with members. He was also happy that we had all been working hard as a District, and that this would be a good reward for our efforts. The rest of the District and I were all very happy!

On Tuesday we met the member family there, and spent most of the day at Trans Studio. There was a fun roller coaster, thrill rides, stunt shows, and many more attractions. It was a little busy with school groups going there, but after a bit they went home, and the lines were short. I was very impressed with this place, and how clean and organized it was. It is apparently one of the largest indoor amusement parks in the World! We had a blast there, and left around 5pm, so we could make our night appointments. Thanks to the Jatmiko Family for a great time!

After all that fun, we got to work for the rest of the week. We had some great appointments, and some interesting experiences that always come with sharing the Gospel with others. One of the great appointments we had was with an older couple, which I contacted a while ago, but we could never visit them, because they are rarely home. We taught them, and they were so happy to hear it. They said that they were not going to go to their house, but for some reason they felt like they needed to. They said we were the reason why. It was really cool to see how the Lord helps us find people to teach.

On Sunday, Lauren was confirmed in Sacrament Meeting, and it was a great experience. He said that right afterwards he felt a big difference, and his testimony grew even stronger. My testimony has grown just by watching him progress in the gospel. I know he will be a great member and addition to this Branch, and might even be able to serve a Mission.

Well, I thank you all for your support, as always. Keep praying for me, as I strive to do my best here in Bandung. I will see you all soon!

-Elder James

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