Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bekasi Week 9

Elder Collett
Hello once again!

This week was not the busiest one that we have had, but it still had some unique things. It is obviously impossible to have a completely 'normal' week, but some are just not as exciting as others. But as far as the work here in Bekasi, it has really improved. We have made some great new goals, and we have found a few more people that may want to learn. My companion and I have been working with the members lately as well, and it really has paid off. When the members support and help us, we are much more busy, and our investigators progress. Here are a few of our experiences this week.

One unique thing that has begun this week is Ramadan. It is one whole month in the Islam religion where they do not eat until the sun goes down. So when we leave for lunch, almost every single place is closed! 

My groceries this week
We have had to eat at home a lot more. But it is really cool to see how the streets are quiet during the day, and then at night, there are crowds of people eating and buying food. 

An amazing drink I found this week
There are many unique foods and drinks that are popular during this time, and I am learning a lot of new things. We can not eat or drink in public, because it is very disrespectful. If there is a restaurant that is open, all the windows must be covered so that no one can see the people eating. Pretty cool!

Eating and teaching at the Tandiman's home
On Tuesday, we were invited the the Tandiman Family's home along with one of our main investigators and a new member. They made a ton of food, and we visited with their family. Brother Tandiman was a Mission President here in Indonesia awhile back, so his family is great to Missionaries. We watched a few videos from the church, and explained some of them to our investigator. We also had a short lesson about our testimonies, and how we can know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. It was really spiritual, and everyone that gave a testimony had a great experience. What was cool was the fact that almost everyone received a testimony about Joseph Smith through different ways. It was a great thing, and I feel like it really helped our Investigator. 

Six of the Nine elders from the MTC group!

Elder W. Martoyo
This week was also Zone Conference, which only happens once every three months. This was my third, and it was a ton of fun. We were all able to meet the new Mission President, President Donald and his wife. They were great, and had some amazing advice for all of us. President Donald's testimony and conversion story was very spiritual, and it taught us that there are many people ready to receive the gospel, but they do not know where to find it. So we must listen to the Holy Ghost, and receive guidance from him as to where we should go. It really gave me confidence that I can help others here, and that there are people here in this city that want something more in their lives. 

My trainer - Elder S. Martoyo
After the Zone Conference, we played fotsol while President did interviews. My interview with him went really well, and I really felt a love and a trust for him. 

After we all were interviewed and tired from playing in the rain, we went to McDonald's to eat. It was great to see everyone from my group and talk to them. Also, every single companion that I have had in Indonesia was there, so it was cool to hear from them again. 

Other than those two things, the rest of the week was full of appointments, English class, and other activities. We have been doing great here, and on a personal level, I am growing a ton. I have gained such a stronger testimony about this gospel, and how it blesses the lives of all God's children. I thank you all for your love and support, and I will talk to you next week!

-Elder James

This Grand Mall is near our house and the church

Elder Mongan waling up the street

Playing with an English student's sword

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