Monday, February 10, 2014

Yogyakarta Week 25

Brother Rudi

Sorry, I have to keep this short, because I only have a little bit of time. We had a really good week, and we got a lot done. I really wish I could tell all of you all the great things, but time is limited. I am really glad that we are having a lot of success and working hard before I will probably move this month. Here are a few highlights from the many.

Mas Bimo, our investigator has been continuing to make a lot of progress, and was baptized yesterday. I was so happy to be able to baptize him, since it was the first Investigator that I taught that was baptized. I hope and pray that he will continue to be active in the church, and prepare to serve a Mission. I have learned a lot from him, and have been happy to see his progress.

It has been raining a ton lately, and sometimes we just can't wait it out because of appointments. So we often get completely drenched, even while wearing ponchos. But I actually like the rain sometimes, because the city gets a lot less loud and busy.

Sister Siswoyo and her grandson
I have felt very close to all the members here lately, which is natural since I have been here for so long. I am so happy with how welcome and loved they have made me feel. It truly is incredible that no matter where we are in the World, we can always find friendship and refuge at one of our churches.

For our P-day activity today, we played basketball at an indoor place with Elder Waltman and Elder Hasibuan. We played for a pretty long time, and it was a great workout. I was completely drenched in sweat the entire time! I guess I will never fully get used to the heat and humidity. It was nice to talk to Elder Waltman about how we would be going home by now if we were Sister Missionaries!

Well, I am once again sorry that this is short. I really appreciate all the love and support you all have given me over the years. I wish I could express my thanks to each one of you individually. Thank you, and I will talk to you next week!

-Elder James

Weekly planning at the church
A cool self-serve restaurant
Our investigator Pak Mu
Cleaning the baptismal font 
Eating sate at the house

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