Monday, February 24, 2014

Yogyakarta Week 27

This is what I would look like with glasses -
I use them to protect my eyes from the ash
Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a great week. For me, this week was good, and we were very productive as far as the work goes. There are a lot of changes happening, and I am now at the time in my Mission where I will be able to work very hard before returning home. Everyone always says that the last six months of a Mission are the best and most productive, so I am looking forward to that! Here are a few cool things that happened.

First off, the transfer was announced a few days ago, and I will be moving to Bandung, a city in West Java, on the third of March. I am really excited for a new experience, since I have been here in Jogja for half of a year. The time really has gone by really fast. It is strange to think that this next city may be my last! I will also be a companion with an American Elder, which will be the first time in my Mission since the MTC. All in all, it will be a unique experience, and I plan on working hard.

Pak Santoso - who is very funny
Since I will be moving in a bit, I have been visiting as many people as possible and helping them as much as I can to progress. I have realized how much I love the people here, whether they be investigators, members, or just people that I meet with at restaurants or other places. I will really miss the members here specifically, since I have gotten so close to them over these six months.

We were able to visit the Zone Leaders, Elder Waltman and Elder Hasibuan, in Magelang and work with them there for a few days. It is a cool city since the population is much smaller than Jogja, and it is much more green and open. I worked with Elder Waltman, and it was a lot of fun. I was also able to interview their investigator for baptism, Ibu Vince, and it went so well. She is a young mother of two, and I could really see how the Lord prepared her for baptism.

On Sunday, Church went great, and many members expressed to me how much they will miss when I move. I felt so much love during those three hours, and I was glad to have felt like I have made a real difference in this ward. I will for sure come back to this city some time in my life, and visit these people again. 

Later that night, we were able to visit Sister Maria with the Sister Missionaries, and it was great. She is so dedicated to serving others, and is a great example to me.

Today, we will be visiting a few historic sites in Jogja for my last P-day here. I really hope I will be able to see everything before moving! This city has such a rich history, and I am excited to learn more about it. I will for sure take a lot of pictures, which you will all see next week! Thank you for all your support!

-Elder James

Sister Susanto is such a great member
Brother Rudi 
This amazing man was the victim of a crash and his face was completely burned.
He was only able to see out of a small opening for his eye,
but somehow he was able to fix my inner tube. He's so impressive!

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