Monday, March 3, 2014

Yogyakarta Week 28

Standing in front of TUGU - a landmark here in Jogja

Selamat sore!

I am actually typing this in Bandung, my new city, but I just barely got here, so this will be my last entry about my longest city: Yogyakarta. I will miss it so much, but since I was there for so long, I am ready for a change. This could be my last city, but I am not quite sure, since I may move again. But here are a few cool things that happened in Jogja this past week.

For our P-day activity, the Elders from Magelang came over, and we went to Kraton, the old Javanese Kingdom. It was pretty cool, but I was mostly just happy to be together as a District. There were many things to see, and many ancient artifacts from the old Javanese people. We took a lot of pictures, and a member who works there took us around. It was a fun last p-day for me!

Sister Siska
This week was very busy, because I wanted to make sure that I could meet as many people as I could, say goodbye, and give one last message. This was surprisingly successful, since usually many appointments failed. I was able to say goodbye to most everyone that I wanted to, and they were all very kind to me. I am going to miss all of them!

The Bishop and his family here in Jogja
Sunday was pretty sad just because I gave my farewell during Sacrament Meeting, and had to say goodbye to all the great members here. I have gotten so close to them, and I will miss them a ton! I was able to take a lot of pictures though, and I will for sure come back to Jogja some time in my life. One member took off the tie he was wearing and gave it to me.

Elder Hasibuan and Sister Sperry left for Jakarta on Friday, so Elder Waltman was with my companion and I until earlier this morning. It was fun to talk to him, and especially to talk about BYU since he will also be going there. He went with us to the airport, and I met Elders Hendro and Louden there from Solo, and we all took a plane together to Bandung. I met my new companion, Elder Mangum, who is great. He is my first American companion in Indonesia, so this will be very interesting!

I am sorry I cannot write more, but I will tell you all about this new city when I email next week. I hope you all have a great time wherever you are!

-Elder James

Brother Jerry, who helped translate the very first Book of Mormon in Indonesia!
Also one of the first members in Indonesia.
My last time eating at Raminten, my favorite restaurant here in Jogja.
The drinks are huge and I couldn't finish it!
Elder Waltman and I by a statue in Kraton
Traditional Javanese music
Guys that work at Kraton
I have no idea what this is, but we have killed a few in our house - freaky!
{We found out it is an African Cave Spider}

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