Monday, March 31, 2014

Bandung Week 4

Hello Again!

I hope all of you reading this had a good week. To be honest, this past week for me was not as interesting or busy as usual. There were many people that we tried to visit and teach that were not able to see. We even made a few appointments, but because of rain and other factors, they did not show up. But we were still able to teach many in active and less-active families, which kept us somewhat busy. Here are a few of the cool things we did.

For our P-day, we did not do anything too amazing, just went to some of the many malls in this city. The malls here are very nice, and there are many interesting stores, both western and Indonesian. These coming P-days should be a lot more fun.

On Tuesday, we went to Lembang, a small town north of Bandung where many members live. We visited as many as we could at once, and they were all very nice to us. Lembang is even higher in the mountains than Bandung, so it was even colder. It rained as well, which made it quite chilly. 

While we were there we tried the local cuisine of Sate Kelinci (bunny meat on a stick). It was really tender and tasty!

This week I did exchanges with the other companionship, which was fun. I was able to see how they worked in their area, and how they contact people and such. They have a hard job, since they were white-washed in their area, (meaning they were both new, and had no previous knowledge about the area) and spend most of their days proselyting. They have had some good success in finding new investigators, and they know the area much better now.

Church was fun yesterday, since many more people came than usual. There were members there from Bekasi who still remembered me well, and I was happy to see them. All classes were combined, since it was the fifth Sunday of the month, and we spoke a lot about the progress the Branch has made so far. There was also a talk given by a member on the High Council from Jakarta, and it was really good.

I am sorry this email was not as interesting as usual, but I guess we all just have not so interesting weeks sometimes. I hope you all have a good week, and always remember what Christ has done for all of us.

-Elder James

Sometimes we order McDonalds for breakfast - unhealthy but so good!
Elder Loudon caught me riding my bike in the house 
A man cooking sate 
Sister Elen's kids (same name as my mom!)
Elders Mangum & Hendro 
A family on a scooter. I have sometimes seen up to 6 people on a motorcycle,
kids and all, and none were wearing helmets. Crazy!

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