Monday, April 7, 2014

Bandung Week 5


This week was drastically different from last week. We were very busy, and we had a lot of success with our investigators, and also in finding new people to teach. I really enjoyed the city, the people, and the work this week, which was awesome. We also had some fun times, and went to a few cool places. I wish I could describe everything perfectly, but that is just not possible!

After I emailed last week, we went to the local Zoo as a district. One of the main reasons was to ride elephants, since Elder Loudon has not done it yet. As we were looking around at all the cool animals, making our way to the elephants, it began raining really hard. The Zoo basically shut down, and even though we ran to the elephants, they had already begun putting them away. I felt so bad for Elder Loudon! Hopefully he will be able to ride them one day.

The Zone Leaders came this past week to do exchanges and interview us. It was really fun to see Elder Matthew Johnson again, and we were able to work together. We rode the bus to Sukabumi to teach Thomas. We taught about Baptism and Confirmation, and it was honestly one of the best lessons I have ever taught. Thomas was great, and even though he is not sure when he is able to be baptized, because of his work, but he accepted the commitment to be baptized sometime. The bus ride was really long home, but it gave Elder Johnson and I a chance to get caught up.

Elder Mangum celebrated his 19th birthday on the 2nd, and we went to a special place to eat called 'Karnivor'. It was a steak place, that had some incredible food. I got a T-bone steak, and it was the best steak I have had in Indonesia. I was so confused when the waiter asked me how I would like the steak cooked, since I have never been asked that here. Elder Mangum got a huge, 5 patty burger that he barely finished. It was a blast!

Yesterday, we were invited to the wedding of an English student of ours, Rudi. It was very far away, so right when we were done with Church, we took the train to his area, and then an angkot to his neighborhood. It was a really pretty area, right next to huge rice fields and big mountains. The wedding was interesting, since we were the distinguished guests. People wanted pictures with us more than the bride and groom! We walked around the house, and took some very cool pictures. They were all so kind to us, and treated us like royalty.

Well, we are not really doing anything fun today, except getting haircuts and cleaning the house (it is quite dirty). I really hope that next week will be just like this one! I have been learning so much, and I hope that I will continue to work as hard as I can during these last times of my Mission. I love you all, and I hope you have a great week!

-Elder James

This is a big monument in the middle of the city
A close-up shot of an eagle at the zoo
Everything you see on the ground is trash & peanuts that people throw to the bears.
It was really sad to see the conditions.
The district at the zoo
Elder Mangum with Sister Agnes' son Matthew
Me and my T-bone steak - the first good steak I've had here!
It was awesome but expensive - $6 for the steak!
Elders Loudon and Hendro
A spider we found in the rice fields.
I had to get really close to take this picture!

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