Monday, April 28, 2014

Bandung Week 8

Hello again,

Thank you first off, for all your prayers and support on my behalf. I really need the support, and I feel it every day I am out here. It encourages me to move forward, and to work hard, even when times are difficult. I have had a pretty good week, and we have been really busy here. We didn’t do many cool things this week, but there were still some unique experiences, and I learned a lot.

First off, as I said in my last letter, we went to Jakarta for Zone Conference from Monday until Wednesday. It was a long time there, and we had a lot of fun with the other Missionaries. The best things about staying at the Mission home are the Air-Conditioner, and the hot showers. I keep forgetting how nice it is to have hot showers. On Tuesday, we played foot sol while President did interviews with everyone. It was strange to do the interview in exercise clothing, but it was a great interview, and fun to play with the other Elders. It began raining hard while we were playing, but we stayed out. It was really fun, but we were all drenched!

Elders Johnson, Costner and I are trying to show what we looked like in the MTC
The Zone Conference was on Wednesday, and the theme was attributes of Jesus Christ, and finding people to teach. I learned a lot, especially since I had to translate, which kept me alert and awake. President Donald sure does have a lot of faith in all of us, and we all do our best to follow his council. I am very grateful for him and his service. The other three Elders and I went back to Bandung that evening, and got home at night, tired, but ready to get back to work.

Reading Book of Mormon Stories with Matthew, Sister Agnes' son
Since we were gone those three days, we had a lot to catch up on with all the people we had not yet visited. We worked hard for the rest of the week, and I was very impressed at how much we got done with so little time. It feels so good to work hard, and know that God is happy with our work. I really hope that the work here will continue to progress.

Unfortunately, I have been really sick these past few days, due to something I ate most likely. But I am getting better, and will hopefully recover quickly. It was hard to do everything yesterday while this sickness was hindering me, but I endured, and did not get really sick during appointments. I know that when I focus on other people, and their trials, mine do not seem so big. This is what is required of Missionaries to be effective.

I hope you all have a great week!

-Elder James

Elder Hasibuan and his little sister, who are serving in the same zone
Elder Hobbs from New Zealand is really funny 
This is a text I sent in the middle of the night. I already was aware that I
sleep talk and sleep walk, but now apparently I sleep text!
I found this in the morning and laughed my head off.
The guy I sent it to was really confused.
A durian dessert that was so good 
A picture of my hot wheel car {I think Elder James misses cars!}

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