Monday, March 24, 2014

Bandung Week 3

Hello Again Everyone!

I hope you have all had a good week. I sure did. We were busy as usual here, and were able to visit many people. What is interesting about the work here is that it takes a great deal of time to get to most places. Such as Thomas, who takes 5 hours to get there. Sometimes we are only able to visit one person per day, but we are able talk to people on the way there. We ride bikes sometimes, but mostly take public transportation. This week was very similar to last week, but here are a few cool things we did.

Our P-day was fairly boring, and the weather ruined our plans. We were at first going to go to a nearby Zoo, where you can ride elephants, but it started raining really hard, so we did not go. We just did a little bit of shopping, and got some chores done as well. We also played Monopoly together, since Elder Louden bought it in Solo.

Thomas and his wife are amazing investigators.
They live in Suabumi, which is 5 hours away.
We visited Thomas in Sukabumi on Tuesday, and he was amazing. He already seems like a member. I just feel so bad, because he is so far from any church. As far as distance, he is closer to Bogor, but the road there takes much longer than the road to Bandung. So we are the ones that visit him. We are doing our best so that he and his family are able to come to church. He is the smartest and most amazing investigator I have ever taught.

Elder Mangum and I are also really focused on non-active members this week, and had a good amount of success. They were all very kind to us, and we helped them best we could. The stake has a goal for this Branch to become a Ward, so we are doing our best to accomplish that goal.

Brother Lim is a new member that had found the church here in Indonesia.
He is from Malaysia and is returning soon.
Church on Sunday was nice, and I did not play the piano like last Sunday, so I was not as stressed out. I tried to explain that I can only play a few hymns, and that there are members that can play way better than me. It was Brother Lim's last week here for a while, since he will be returning home to Malaysia in a few weeks. He found the church here, since he lived next to a member. He is great.

That is about all the interesting things that happened this week. I hope everyone is doing well. I love you all!

-Elder James

These are the towers of Masjid, right in the middle of the city.
I couldn't get both towers because they are so tall.
This is an elderly man who sells really good traditional noodles at night.
The way he cooks them is really cool!
Teaching English at the girls' school again
We smashed some coins on the railroad and it made an indent on the tracks

Elder Mangum got a frowny-face ninja turtle ice cream

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