Monday, December 2, 2013

Yogyakarta Week 15

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I am so happy to be emailing again, but unfortunately, I am almost out of time, and I will not be able to write as much as I usually do! I wish I had more time to email, but we are just a little busy today! I hope everyone had a really good week, like I did. I have really learned a lot, and I am so grateful for the many blessings that have been given to me over the course of this Mission. Here are a few of the cool things that I did this past week.

The beginning of this week was not that great, since none of our investigators were home. We tried so hard to teach many people, but for many reasons, they all could not be taught. This makes a Missionary feel pretty down, since teaching is the best thing to do with one's time. But towards the end of the week, things started to pick up, and we had some great lessons. I really feel the spirit when I teach, and I love seeing the change in the lives of others.

Thanks to Sister Sheffield, this Thanksgiving was great. She found a great place that serves Turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy. 

We all ate there as a District, and then had pie afterwards at the church. The food was all so good, and we all had a great time together. 

It was a lot better than last year, when I just had KFC. It sure is nice to be in a District with Sisters!

My companion and I took a trip to Magelang to do exchanges with the Elders there. The city is really small, and it is up in the mountains, so it is much colder than Jogja. I went with Elder Watson to his appointments, and we had a great time. The first one was super far! We biked for about an hour and a half through the woods and rice fields. There were a lot of hills, but it was very scenic. We both took some really cool pictures. It really made me love Indonesia, and how pretty it is.

For P-day today, we played futsal with the Elders from Magelang and Solo. It was a lot of fun, and I am still sweating from it! The heat is so bad sometimes! We then ate at a member's house, who wanted to treat the Missionaries who are moving. The ones who are moving are Sister Sheffield and Sister Manullang. I will miss them a ton!

Thank you all for all the support and love you give me. I am so grateful for everything that God has given me, and I hope others can receive similar blessings as well.

-Elder James

My companion eating at our regular padang place

I've been learning some Javanese and learning how to write it. It's pretty fun!

Thanksgiving pie with my companion

A nice lady selling vegetables

Sisters Allred and Manullang contacting a man on the street

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