Monday, December 23, 2013

Yogyakarta Week 18

Elder Watson and I, right before he got on the plane to go home!
Hello Again!

I can't believe that Christmas is almost here! I can remember my first Christmas in Indonesia, and it does not seem like a year ago! Christmas time is quite different here, and you can only really feel like it is Christmas if you go into a mall, or bookstores. But that is not the real meaning of Christmas, so that is okay! We had a pretty busy schedule this past week, and I am glad to rest a little bit for Christmas!

At the bottom of the trail, right where we began hiking
For last P-day, we joined the Elders in Magelang, since it was Elder Watson's last P-day before going home. 

The Yogyakarta district, including Magelang
It was a small mountain in Magelang, and it was supposed to be the center of the Island of Java. 
There were tons of monkeys on the hike.
This one was about to attack us - he was mean!
There were a lot of monkeys there, and some did not like us being there. But they were really fun to watch. It was also nice to be with Elder Watson before he went home. We were actually able to take him to the airport, and wait for his replacement.

Members at Christmas time are great. We have gotten a lot of gifts and things from them, and they treat us so nicely. That helps us so much with feeling at home and all! I know that members everywhere treat the Missionaries well wherever they are.

Christmas is here, which is why this email will be really brief. I will be able to Skype with my family on Christmas day here, and there are lots of ward activities. I am so glad to be serving a Mission, and I am so glad to help other people see the true meaning of Christmas. I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

-Elder James

This big tower represents the center of the island of Java.
It is mostly a legend, but it is pretty much in the center.

A monkey eating a mango

Elder Watson eating Padang - he went home this week

The sisters on the bus ride home

Me dunking on the small basketball hoop outside our home.
(It is only like 7 feet tall - ha ha!)

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