Monday, December 9, 2013

Yogyakarta Week 16

{Elder James' Christmas package arrived with a new tree, new ornaments
(he added some from last year's tree) and even some snow for the bottom!}

Hello Everyone,

This week has been pretty good, with us getting a lot of work done, and also getting a lot closer to the members here. That has been one big focus lately- building a better relationship with the members here, so that we can help this ward progress. With the help of members, Missionaries are much more effective. When I go home, I really want to build a better relationship with the Missionaries in my ward, and help them with anything that they need. Anyway, here are a few highlights of the week.

On Monday, we were able to play Futsal with the Missionaries from Magelang and Solo, and also a few members from Jogja. I actually did pretty good, and we all had a lot of fun. I still miss playing American Football a lot, but this is fun too. With the humidity and heat here, we all sweat like crazy while doing any kind of sport. It will be really strange to go home, and not sweat all the time.

Sister Susanto's cute grandkids
One member I really enjoy visiting is Sister Susanto. I have mentioned her before, because we go to her house almost every week. She is so kind to us Missionaries, and we have learned a lot from her example. She is fairly elderly, and the only member in her entire family, but she still comes to church as much as she can. When we give messages to her, she is always attentive, and gives amazing comments. I really feel the spirit when we are in her presence. She is the perfect example of enduring to the end!

As I said in the beginning of the email, we have gotten closer to the members here through various ways. On Thursday we went to two families, after we did our weekly planning session. We gave messages on Missionary work, and how we all can do little things to bless and serve others. We showed a short video clip from the church entitled 'by small and simple things', and they liked it. It is so true that if we just do little things every day, we will help others come to the great happiness from this gospel. One of the members had an awesome Husky, and I played with it for awhile.

Eating with our newest sister, Sister Hasibuan
The Zone Leaders, Elder Watson and Elder Hasibuan came to Jogja on Friday and Saturday, and did exchanges with us. I was with Elder Watson, and we were able to meet a few investigators. He is such a great Missionary, and is not 'trunky' at all. He only has about a week left, yet he is working hard until the end. At night, we were able to meet one of the new Sisters, that is replacing Sister Manullang. We all got together and ate to welcome her. She is lucky to have this as her first city!

The Magelang Elders needed our help suddenly on Saturday morning, since the Stake President wanted to visit some members with them. They already had appointments, so they asked President if we could stay there for a night, and he said we could. So I was with Elder Watson for about three days! I liked going to Magelang again. It is a really cool city.

That is about all that happened this week. In a few days, Sister Sperry will come, and she will be with Sister Believe. I am honestly so happy in this city, and I hope I will spend as much time as possible here! I hope you all are well, and feel the love Christ has for everyone. Happy Holidays!

-Elder James

A freaky looking spider I saw near the post office!

Eating at Sister Siska's restaurant last P-Day

My favorite night-time snack: Coke and Molen Pisang
(Fried bananas with a batter around them). It is SO good!

A gorgeous husky that a member had. I loved playing with him so much and he loved me!
He did give me a little allergic reaction, but it was worth it.
I felt so bad for him being in the heat!

A carnival in Jogja (we obviously didn't ride the rides).

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  1. I love the fact that we get to 'experience' Elder James mission via the photos. Well done him and his mom!